Fitness for service procedures for cracks like flaws

During the life cycle of many pressure vessels arise the necessity to maintain them in service after detecting crack-like flaws or delamination. For that, there are some methodologies that allow establishing a quantitative judgment about if it is possible to safely operate this equipment and also determine its remaining life until it must be repaired […]


On certain occasions, during the development of projects where large diameter pipes are involved, scenarios arise in which the diameter (D) / thickness (t) ratio is higher than 100. It is common to find this situation in systems with large diameter pipes that work at low pressure, in which the calculated thickness due to the […]

Brief introduction to TEMA HEAT EXCHANGERS design and selection

TEMA Standards are worldwide accepted as the authority on shell and tube heat exchangers design and manufacturing. These standards are the most commonly used in a wide range of industries throughout the world: refineries, oil and gas, power generation, etc.

PV Structures: beyond structural design

The relevance of solar structures is growing in the investment of PV solar plants due to many factors related to the PV market evolution: tendency towards multi-Megawatt plants, global increased of the competition and new emerging markets, and overall drastic drop of prices on solar panels.  

Estandarización de modelos FEM a partir de modelos parametrizados APDL

El compromiso de CADE con nuestros clientes siempre nos lleva a buscar la reducción del tiempo de análisis y modelado 3D en la validación y optimización de equipos y estructuras de proceso con Análisis de Elementos Finitos. Una herramienta útil para trabajar en este propósito es la construcción de modelos parametrizados en ANSYS Mechanical APDL […]

FEM models standardization from APDL parameterized models

CADE’s commitment with our customers always lead us to look for 3D modeling and analysis time reduction in validation and optimization of process equipment and structures with Finite Element Analysis. One handful tool to work on this purpose is the construction of Parameterized models in ANSYS Mechanical APDL and ANSYS Workbench. One of the most […]